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Hello world

Website under construction.
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Current student at the University of California, Santa Cruz. (UCSC)

Relevant courses completed at UCSC:

  • CMPE 16 Applied Discrete Mathematics
  • CMPS 12B/L Intro to Data Structures
  • CMPE 12/L Computer Systems and Assembly Language
  • CMPS 12A/L Intro to Programming (Accelerated)
  • CMPS 5P Intro to Programming
  • CMPE 8/L Robot Automation: Intelligence through Feedback Control
  • N/A
  • (C, Java)
  • (C)
  • (Java)
  • (Python)
  • (Matlab, Spin)

Relevant courses in progress at UCSC:

  • CMPS 101 Algorithms and Abstract Data Types
  • (Java, C)


Coming soon...


A collection of small projects I'm working on.

Earth and the moon p 5 dot j s

A view of the Earth and the moon to scale

Jupiter and it's first four moons p 5 dot j s

Jupiter and the four Galilean moons (Scaled for visibility). Earth to scale

Earth from the moon's perspective p 5 dot j s

A sketch showing what the Earth might look like from just past the dark side of the moon

This website

This scratch-built website

Terrain from perlin noise Processing 3

Using perlin noise to generate a random "terrain"

Drawing a pattern of hexagons Processing 3

Simple sketch to draw a pattern of hexagons. Modified for the background of this website

Creating a standing wave Processing 3

Simple sketch to create a standing wave from two transverse sine waves in opposite directions


I am a computer engineering major with a concentration in robotics and control at the University of California, Santa Cruz.